• Service Description: 8x8

    Description of Service: 8x8 is the companies enterprise phone system available at all properties and resorts throughout Welk.  This system provides many features for team members including voice communication, video conferencing capabilities, chat and even faxing!  This service is hosted in the cloud which helps offer a great experience wherever and whenever a team member has an internet connection.  Team members can receiv... Read More

  • My 8x8 Softphone Won't Make Outgoing Calls

    Description: What to do when your 8x8 Softphone phone won't make outgoing calls. Detailed Solution (step-by-step): Symptoms: Not getting a ring back when attempting to dial out. Unable to pickup an incoming call when it flashes. Resolution: Both of these issues can be resolved by following these steps. Reboot. ALWAYS use Google Chrome.   ALWAYS make sure you logout properly and not just click on the X in the upper right ha... Read More

  • "Your User Name Must Contain Your Tenant Name" Error Message

    Description: Login error message in 8x8: "Your user name must contain your tenant name" Cause/Symptoms: You are logging in to the wrong 8x8 web site Detailed Resolution (step-by-step):  Use  https://login.8x8.com/ to login to the Welk 8x8 system Validation (how do I know it works?): You will sucessfully login to the 8x8 site Read More

  • 8x8 - Microsoft Office 365 Plug-In for Virtual Office Meetings

    Description: This walks you through installing the Microsoft Office 365 Plug-In for Virtual Office Meetings in Outlook. This only works if you have a Pro license. Detailed Solution (step-by-step): In Outlook, click on Home: Click on Store:or  Do a search for 8x8: Click on Add: To access the add-in, open a new meeting invitation: You will be asked to sign into 8x8: Click on Log in using SSO: Click on Sign in: Click on Sign ... Read More

  • 8x8 Generic Guide for Desk Phones

    Description Attached is a document from 8x8 called the Generic Guide for Desk Phones.  Within it you will find high level details pertaining to the following 8x8 features: Dialpad shortcuts (star codes) Transferring live calls to voicemail Parking calls Forwarding calls Recording calls Hot Desk host Barge-Monitor-Whisper (BMW) We hope you find this information helpful, but please let the IT Service Desk know if further do... Read More

  • Block Incoming Calls on 8x8 Phone

    Description: The user is getting calls that they would like to block Detailed Solution (step-by-step): 1. Log in to Virtual Office Desktop or Online. 2. Go to Settings (in Virtual Office Desktop, click Virtual Office > Preferences > Account Settings). 3. Click Call Forwarding. 4. Click +Add New Rule. 5. Enter a Rule Name (e.g., Blocked Numbers). 6. In the Call From tab, click to un-check the Anyone box to make the other opt... Read More

  • Callers Cannot Leave Voicemail Message

    Description: 8x8 Voicemail: Callers Cannot Leave Voicemail Message Cause/Symptoms: Announce Only Mode is turned on Detailed Resolution (step-by-step): From the phone, access voicemail options. From your own extension, dial 555. From another in-network extension, dial 500. From an outside number, dial your own phone number. During the greeting, press #. Press 6 to toggle Announce Only Mode off or on (listen to audio prom... Read More

  • Change 8x8 Voicemail Greeting

    Description: To change your outgoing voicemail greetings from your phone or mobile app.  Detailed Resolution (step-by-step): Note: Your voicemail cannot be configured in the settings of 8x8’s Virtual Office Mobile App. You may use the app to call in to your voicemail from your extension, then change your settings using the audio menu as described below. Access the voicemail system: From your own extensionDial 555... Read More

  • Create and Join Meetings in 8x8

    Description: The collaborative nature of Virtual Office Meetings allows anyone, whether host or participant, to start a meeting. Detailed Solution (step-by-step): Start Meetings  The collaborative nature of Virtual Office Meetings allows anyone, whether host or participant, to start a meeting. When scheduling a meeting, a host may allow participants to start the meeting without a host present, or disable the option and requ... Read More

  • How to Request a Conference Bridge/Video Conference Capability

    Meet with anyone, anywhere with a single click Virtual Office helps make it easy for users to collaborate the w ay they want over the web with HD audio and HD video; whether on the fly or via scheduled meetings. Schedule your conferencing session and screen-share content from within Virtual Office for your Windows or Mac computer. With Microsoft Outlook, you will be able to schedule meetings or even initiate instant meeting... Read More

  • How to Switch 8x8 Call Between Mobile, Desk, and Softphone

    Description: Have you ever been on a phone call where someone says “Let me call you back from my other device?” or taken a conference call from the car only to wish there was an easy way to switch from your smartphone to a different device once arriving in the office? With 8x8 Virtual Office, users can seamlessly move a call from one device to another using the Call Flip feature. With Call Flip, they no longer need to cut c... Read More

  • How to Use the Remote Control Feature in 8x8 Video Meetings

    Objective Using the remote control feature in 8x8 Video Meetings. Applies To  8x8 Video Meetings  Procedure Log in to Virtual Office Desktop. Join a Click More Options (three dots) on the avatar of the person whose computer you would like to remote Click Remote Control. This will ask the person on the receiving end to allow remote control of their They will need to click Allow or Cancel.   They will then be asked to ch... Read More

  • I am Receiving an Error Message When Attempting to Log into My 8x8 Account

    Description: Receiving an error message when attempting to log into my 8 x 8 account.  Cause/Symptoms: Error message in browser is:  Detailed Resolution (step-by-step):  GO to the Google Chrome browser toolbar menu in the upper right corner  Select the MORE TOOLS menu  Select CLEAR BROWSING DATA Validation (how do I know it works?): You can sucessfully login to 8x8 without an error Read More

  • I Can't Log into My 8x8 Web Portal: Service Not Enabled

    Description: You are unable to log into 8x8 in your web browser. Symptom/Cause: You get the following error message when you try to log into 8x8 (usually due to the user having the wrong URL bookmarked): Detailed Resolution (step-by-step): Please make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser. Clear Google Chrome's data by pressing shift+ctrl+del on your keyboard while having Chrome open.  This will help with some conn... Read More

  • I Need a Headset for an 8x8 Phone

    Description: Headsets for 8x8 phones are purchased through IT with a budget code from your department.  Detailed Solution (step-by-step):  Click the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of this page to initiate your request Include quantity, type (Softphone or Polycom, Deskphone or wireless) *Note* All prices below do not include tax or shipping* If you are using the softphone application on your computer and do not have... Read More

  • Log into 8x8 Virtual Office Application Using Single-Sign-On

    Description: The 8x8 Virtual Office application is used to control the softphone capabilities of your phone. Single-sign-on (SSO) uses your Welk network credentials to login to the 8x8 Virtual Office application. This method means you do not have to remember a separate password to login to Virtual Office as long as you are logged into the computer it is running on. Please note: An 8x8 license is required to use the 8x8 VOD ... Read More

  • Switch 8x8 to New Experience Interface

    Description Following article details how to switch Virtual Office's Classic mode to New Experience. There have been reported issues with Classic mode, which have been resolved after switching Virtual Office into New Experience.    Detailed Solution (step by step): (with Virtual Office open) select Virtual Office and then Settings from the drop down menuNote: You can also press key combo "Ctrl + ,"MAC Users: There is a COG... Read More

  • TRAINING: 8x8 New Meetings Experience

    Below you will find a link to the training documentation for 8x8 new meetings experience, as of March 2020. Alternatively, you may watch a pre-recorded training of the same presentation available at: "\\RITCPVSFS01\WHG Department Files\Public\8x8 Training Documents\8x8 New Meetings Training_2020-03-19.mp4"     Read More

  • Wrong 8x8 Extension Showing on Profile Screen

    Description: When an 8x8 extension has been changed the old extension# on the profile screen needs to reflect the new given extension. Cause/Symptoms: When an 8x8 extension is changed, the profile tab still reflects the old extension Detailed Resolution (step-by-step):  Go  to the profile tab in 8x8 and changed the old extension to the new one Validation (how do I know it works?): You will now be able to successfully logi... Read More