• Service Description: Desk Phones

    Description of Service: 8x8 is the companies enterprise phone system available at all properties and resorts throughout Welk.  This system provides many features for team members including voice communication, video conferencing capabilities, chat and even faxing!  This service is hosted in the cloud which helps offer a great experience wherever and whenever a team member has an internet connection.  Team members can receiv... Read More

  • 8x8 Generic Guide for Desk Phones

    Description Attached is a document from 8x8 called the Generic Guide for Desk Phones.  Within it you will find high level details pertaining to the following 8x8 features: Dialpad shortcuts (star codes) Transferring live calls to voicemail Parking calls Forwarding calls Recording calls Hot Desk host Barge-Monitor-Whisper (BMW) We hope you find this information helpful, but please let the IT Service Desk know if further do... Read More

  • Change 8x8 Voicemail Greeting

    Description: To change your outgoing voicemail greetings from your phone or mobile app.  Detailed Resolution (step-by-step): Note: Your voicemail cannot be configured in the settings of 8x8’s Virtual Office Mobile App. You may use the app to call in to your voicemail from your extension, then change your settings using the audio menu as described below. Access the voicemail system: From your own extensionDial 555... Read More

  • I Need a Headset for an 8x8 Phone

    Description: Headsets for 8x8 phones are purchased through IT with a budget code from your department.   Detailed Solution (step-by-step): Click the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of this page to initiate your request Include quantity, type (Softphone or Polycom, Deskphone or wireless) Include your department budget code for the purchase to be charged to Include the location they are to be shipped to *Note* All prices... Read More

  • Log into 8x8 Virtual Office Application Using Single-Sign-On

    Description: The 8x8 Virtual Office application is used to control the softphone capabilities of your phone. Single-sign-on (SSO) uses your Welk network credentials to login to the 8x8 Virtual Office application. This method means you do not have to remember a separate password to login to Virtual Office as long as you are logged into the computer it is running on. Anywhere that you login to 8x8 on the desktop app or on the... Read More